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Leaders in Innovation and Internationalization with Certified Quality


In 1987 we began an exciting journey; fire, security, doors. A hard road that, from our company, located in the Region of Murcia, had its starting point taking specialization and excellence as a priority objective. Throughout these more than 30 years of trajectory, we have focused our efforts on technological investment, research and development.

We are aware that, in a highly competitive market, only the highest level of quality wins.

We have grown at the pace of our dreams and expanded our area of influence in the international market. From the inauguration of our first headquarters in Portugal to the incorporation of our latest subsidiary, Colombia, to Italy, Poland, France, Morocco and Turkey.

The effort, rigor and commitment have helped us to create our own brand, Padilla Doors. Our ambition to be innovative has led us to develop products that have opened up new market lines. But the success of our brand is due to the unquestionable professionalism of our team. People, who with their contribution of youth, knowledge and experience make Padilla Doors an international reference in fire and security doors.

We are aware that the path is made by walking. For this reason, at Padilla Doors, even after having traveled through so many countries and faced the most difficult challenges, we are motivated to continue leading our sector, knowing that in this way we will be rewarded for our efforts.


  • FREMM Award for Entrepreneurial Work
  • AJE Award
  • COEC Business Excellence Award
  • AJE Internationalization Award
  • Actualidad Económica Award
  • Business World Award
  • Expansion Award to the Best Company in Internationalization, IFEMA


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